think of how much pussy you’re gonna get


May 31st 2012
So the concert had finished and Kate’s mom was driving us home but I had to pee so we stopped at Wendy’s….

OK SO I WAS WAITING IN LINE TO ORDER WENDY’S WHEN MONI ERIN AND KATE WERE IN LINE FOR TIM HORTONS. I WAS REALLY MAD BECAUSE THE SERVICE WAS TAKING SO LONG AND THEY WERE IGNORING ME THEN I FINALLY ORDERED. And I look back and behind me was LIAMFUCKINGPAYNE. Followed by the rest of ONE DIRECTION AND THEIR CREW. Then the lady was like the chicken will take about 3 minutes and I was “yeah ok that’s fine!!!!” Ok so Liam was there and then Niall and Harry and the lady was like “whos next?” and Liam didn’t know what to get so Harry raised his hand and was like, I’ll go! And he ordered chicken strips and an Oreo frosty and then Liam went up to order and he got 20 piece chicken nuggets. AND MONI WALKED OVER SHAKING telling me to take a bite of her bagel and niall was like “whats that?!” and moni was like “maple cinnamon” and niall was like “whatever it is it looks good” And then I turned to Niall and noticed a couple fans who had followed them there and was like “do girls follow you everywhere?” and he was like “meh” so I mocked him and went “meh” back and we did that one more time before he asked “were you at the concert tonight?” and I was like embarrassed and blushed and was like “yeah…” an he was like “how’d ya like it?” and I was like “it was really good, you guys did really well” and niall went “glad ya liked it” and then Niall went “I JUST WANT A BACONATOR!!!” and then Paul shoved him off of the ledge and then I turned to Harry and was like “does this happen a lot, like girls following you?” and was like “kind of, y’know” and then I was like “so where next?” and he was like “back in the tour bus?” and I was like “so your not going back to the hotel?” and he was like “nope driving straight to the next place” and did a little hand motion to show that and then he turned to paul and was like “im SO tired” and on the inside i was like “MY POOR BABY” And yeah and he kept like pulling and stretching at his loose tank top so I saw his nipples and and looked to see if he had the “a” tattoo which he didn’t. And THAT was when i noticed zayn wasnt there and was like “missing a band member eh?” an was like “yeah…” and he just jept saying how tired he was i felt SO bad for him. And he had on a beanie and Niall had on his blue jays hat. And liam was wearing a cream sweater and beige jeans and louis was wearing pj pants and a niagara falls sweater. And ok so my food finally came so I left and we just smiled at each other And then I was like NO SELENA GO BACK. So I went back and was like “Harry, could I have a hug?” and he was like “sure” and gave me a shitty ass one armed turned two arm hug and then I walked back to the table where Erin Kate and Monica were sitting and I was like “DID I JUST GET A SHITTY ONE ARM HUG FROM HARRY STYLES?!” and Preston was like “yes, that just happened, I saw it.” and then I talked to Preston about his accent and where in Ireland he’s from. And then I was like no ok go back Selena, and so I was like I NEED SWEET AND SOUR SAUCE. And then I went back up and was awkwardly standing behind Liam Harry and Louis and Eleanor and I was like to this one guy on the their crew “I’m just here for sweet and sour sauce aha” and he was like to the lady “can she have a sweet and sour?” and he was like “you better go up if you want one.” and then I was standing between Harry and Louis with eleanor and then I was like “could I have a couple sweet and sour sauces?” and Louis turned to me and opened his arms like “of course you can love” and smiled at me and gave a little click with his tongue and I went back to the table and we said bye to Niall and Liam and Louis an eleanor and MONICA GAVE ELEANOR HER HAIR ELASTIC after Louis asked for a “hair bubble” and eleanor was so cute and her voice and I just love her omg. And then we left and Paul held the door open for me and we asked him for a pic (security asked us to respect the boys privacy and not ask for pictures or take videos WHICH OF COURSE I DID *mostly because my phone was dead) AND WE GOT A PIC WITH PAUL AND YA WE SPENT THE ENTIRE RIDE HOME SCREAMING AND CALLING EVERYONE WE KNOW. Ok may 31st 2012 will go down in history

A lot of that probably didn’t make sense because I was so happy and excited writing that so if you have any questions about the boys or anything just message me and I’ll be more descriptive aha!

And that is how I met one direction. The end.


awe i’ve never seen the full video!

Singing ‘happy birthday’ to Paul (x)

Paul was trying to take a picture of him so Harry kept turning his back on him x


One Direction arrive in Australia


Yeah… so I found Paul’s myspace…